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Mobility Scooter Cover | Pukkr


This Pukkr Mobility Scooter Cover is the perfect way to protect your scooter due to its lightweight, waterproof material. This means that the cover can withstand heavy rain without getting the scooter wet and is also easy to manoeuvre when wet or dry so there will never be any trouble covering your scooter or taking the cover off of the scooter. The design of this scooter cover from its material to its size is incredibly useful and is a great way to protect any disability vehicle. LARGE SIZE & TIGHTENING This Mobility Scooter Cover by Pukkr is a great way to protect your important mode of transport from the bad and miserable weather, the cover’s large size means it will be able to cover any size scooter. This Mobility Scooter Cover comes with a drawstring attached which allows you to tighten the cover to add that extra bit of protection to your scooter. Simply loosen and adjust the drawstring on the cover to whatever tightness you need and the cover is good to protect from the rain! NO NEED FOR INDOOR STORAGE Mobility Scooters are brilliant and are very useful, however, in terms of saving space within the house or garage, they are not the most versatile. With this Mobility Scooter Cover by Pukkr, there is no longer any need to store your scooter indoors as it is now protected from the rain and bad weather. You can now leave it outside with worrying about it getting too wet or the seats ruined by the rain. Specification: Size: 93cm x 67cm x 142cm In the box: x1 Mobility Scooter Cover 2 Year Guarantee. All product images © 2019 Pukkr ® (Xbite Ltd)


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